Sometimes, we need to change the atmosphere around the house. One great place to start is with new orleans bathroom renovations. Remodeling or restyling an outdated bathroom is not always easy to accomplish without breaking the bank. A professional is almost always needed for such jobs, especially because the bathroom contains sensitive properties such as plumbing. Though it is necessary to keep this into consideration, it is possible to give a bathroom a new look without excessively dishing out money.

Updating the Vanity Mirror
One of the most important aspects of a bathroom is the vanity mirror. Looking in the mirror is, often times, some people’s only purpose of escaping to a bathroom. Yet we do not always consider the fun and inexpensive design elements that can be placed into a vanity mirror. With just $100, you can completely improve the appearance of your bathroom by just adding a few new elements to your mirror.

Surface mount mirrors are extremely easy to decorate as most of them are simple flat mirrors directly attached to the wall by glue or by screws. If you have one of these, you have two very simple options to upgrade this area of the bathroom by framing it. Consider purchasing an old picture frame and mounting it around the mirror. Depending on the color and texture of the frame, vintage or retro features can easily be incorporated onto the area.

Adding Lighting
Updating the vanity light fixture is another DIY project that has a low cost, ranging anywhere between $20 to $300. There are many videos on YouTube instructing viewers on how to install new light fixtures with just screws and a screwdriver for mounting. One of the most common styles of lighting YouTubers tend to instruct upon is Hollywood and Vegas dressing room vanity lights. Because there are so many lights surrounding the vanity, you can get close to achieving natural lighting in a small space.wash basin

The best way to achieve natural lighting in a bathroom, however, is by utilizing the sun. Have a bathroom window that you do not want to draw attention to? Dress it up. Flowerpots, picture frames, and artwork are all elements to add to give your bathroom more character. Accent overload can really give the bathroom variance that you may not know it needs. If this is not enough, add shutters to keep out prying eyes, or just to adjust the amount of light that filters through. Shutters come in so many design styles and colors that it is easy to add this feature without taking away from the overall theme of the bathroom. They are also very inexpensive, running from $20 to $300 depending on the size and model.

Repainting for New Atmosphere
Repainting a bathroom can really bring the room to life. What has become popular recently is the dual tones effect. Placing two contrasting colors together in the same space brings vibrancy to a room. In bathrooms, separate these colors with white trimming and molding to give it dimensions and to refine. You can also paint your bathroom cabinets using the same technique, painting each layer a different color still separating the colors with a trim of white. Sometimes, silver instead of white will give it an even striking appearance.

Even with these simple methods, some bathrooms need more. If bathroom renovations get too complex, be sure to call in a professional. If you decided to updated more extensive tasks, such as adding a new tub, it may be best to contact a plumber. Be sure to read our article on asking the right questions when hiring a new plumber.

Plumbers are like doctors in that you wish you don’t have to hire them any often. Plumbing leaks are a notable home improvement problem that can ruin your day, or make your house uninhabitable. Unfortunately, the typical household will need plumbing improvements every once in a while. Problems such as cracked or bursting pipes tend to be somewhat very common. Most people also have issues with blocked drains, weak water-pipe pressure, faulty sewer line, or clogged toilet drains. When you realize that you have an issue cropping up, you should contact a professional to take care of it before it graduates into a massive problem that will require a lot of money to fix.

Generally, there are two major types of plumber services – residential and commercial plumbing.

Fixing the siphon

Fixing the siphon

Residential Services

Any work done on residential premises falls under this category. Residential plumber jobs include such fixes as the replacement of exhausted or old apparatus, disposing of waste equipment, setting up water heaters, taking care of closets and health faucets, repairing showers and pipes, checking the distribution of hot water from tanks and boilers, as well as troubleshooting central heating systems.

Commercial Services

Commercial plumbing revolves around fixing issues that manifest in commercial premises. This includes removal of drainage blockade, most of which occur when garbage such as food waste and hair settle. In some instances, the massive growth of fungi or mold, or event tree roots in drainage pipes can cause blockade. Most professionals rely on high pressure hydro jetting devices to dispose of such problems. Rooter machines and plumbing snakes are also other typical solutions. Modern tools for clearing blockage often have attached cameras that provide a visual view of the situation inside the drainage network. This helps detect underlying problems and informs the professional working on the job on the best method to solve the issue. This approach also makes sure that sewer lines do not get damaged during the unclogging procedure.

Hiring a Plumber

Most plumbing companies conduct a pre-work inspection visit in order to establish the cause of the problem and develop a pretty good idea what the problem is. This also means they’ll be better informed while writing a service quote for you. The inspection professionals are equipped with a modern range of tools of the trade to enable them to troubleshoot the issues. Sometimes, problems with the home drainage system can be an emergency. This means they may require urgent attention to prevent extensive damage from taking place. You’ll want to work with a company that has a good reputation in the New Orleans area to make sure that you don’t get some shoddy job done by wannabe freelancers. Whatever the problem you have on your premises, you can get an excellent plumber, New Orleans, to fix your issues and restore your peace of mind promptly.

When calling your plumbing company, consider asking for a plumber New Orleans who has the essential skills and experience it takes to solve the problem in such a way that it doesn’t reoccur!

There are many reasons why homeowners and real estate agents choose to renovate a home. Before you put a house on the market, various improvements can greatly add to its sale value. You might also want to spruce up your home to make it more appealing and friendly to your family. Whatever your reasons, this article highlights a couple of things you can do to greatly improve and increase the value of your home.

Home Improvement Tips

a)      Make a Plan

Whether you intend to sell your home, or live in it for the foreseeable future, making a plan is always the best way to start a remodeling journey. This makes sure that you don’t fall prey to impulse upgrades that can sometimes be costly and inconsistent with each other. Create a list of some of the things you’d like to include in the home. Just don’t worry about how they’ll be organized at this stage. Once you have the list, try to estimate how much each upgrade might cost. If you’re planning to plant a tree as a landscaping tweak that can make the home a lot more interesting a few years to come, try a quick search to see what the young plant costs at the nursery.

b)     Clean and Declutter your Home

If you intend to sell your house, have it in mind that a spotlessly clean home can attract a multitude of buyers, and get much higher offers. There’s no limit to making a house clean. Start by taking care of all maintenance problems and potential problems with plumbing, the electricals, etc. Once this is done, check to identify those areas where dirt could have accumulated over a long period of time. Just as dirt builds up, so does clutter! At this stage, embark on a thorough cleaning spree, and make sure to re-clean your house regularly so that it remains clean. If you’re not selling, a clean house is a healthier place to live in!

c)      Beautify the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important points for improving your home. There’s likely to be a lot of wear and tear if you have ignored your bathroom for quite some time. Make sure to check that all parts are functioning well, and then make improvements to beautify it. For starters, focus on the faucet. A modern, appealing bathroom should be just as relaxing as a spa. You might also want to install marble or granite countertops. Heated floors are also a great way to attract buyers.

d)     Add Energy Efficient Fixtures

Consider adding a decorative but functional air conditioning fan. This provides a cool breeze during warm months, and can shoulder the burden of expensive air conditioning systems. Also, replace old and worn out fixtures with new ones in order to make the home more enjoyable.

Home improvement is something you can either do by yourself or hire an experienced professional. To do it yourself, you’ll need to do some learning work, and invest significant time. If you have the funds, professionals might be the better options as they can take care of everything while you focus on your daily activities.

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